Now we are accepting transfers from Canada to 25 countries from Africa and Senegal to Canada. We will add more countries as we go. However, the sender must accept our general conditions.

We always paid in the recipient country's currency, otherwise in Canadian dollars.

In general, the transfer fees depend on the destination countries and the type of transfer (bank deposit, withdrawal in cash ...). You always have the possibility to use our cost calculator in the site.

It depends on the destination country, they are generally fixed. You always have the possibility to use our cost calculator in the site.

The maximum amount of a transaction depends on the regulations of the different countries. We are required to comply. From Canada, over $ 1000 CAD you will need to provide additional information. We advise you not to exceed $ 990 per transaction.

As an approved money services business, we are legally required to identify properly the people who use our services.

The beneficiary can do this through his bank account or a withdrawal agency doing business with us.

Normally once your transaction is approved. Your beneficiary receives a withdrawal number and all necessary information to proceed with the withdrawal. In your jappotransfer account, you always have the possibility to follow your transaction.

To modify your data or cancel your jappotransfer account you can always contact us at: